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ONE-STOP Solution for deep foundation and soil improvement

Our mission are customer Satisfaction, continious improvement in quality, widening product range, correct piling and pile test services  in BGA. Reviving Engineering Ethics in our society and helping project owners to be able to choose and have a better, cheaper alternative with engineering advantages is another key point in BGA.


BGA has set directions for effective Health, Safety and Environment management including:
·    Commitment to continuous improvement of HSE Management System
·    Commitment to always comply with the spirit and the word of codes, laws and values
·    Commitment to reducing accident risks and improving workplace and workforce health, safety and environment,
      eco-friendly actions and commitment to reducing major risks of health, safety and environment includes:
·    Waste management and minimum energy consumption
·    Reducing wastes 
·    Benchmarking our performance against pioneering green initiatives
·    Environmentally-based actions toward Sustainable Development Goals 
·    Reducing the major environmental risks of new development plans, products and services

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